Black Type® Seaweed Salt Mix.

Black Type Seaweed & Mineral Salt Mix contains 50+ Trace Minerals.

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A Few Important Facts about Salt:

Many people believe that salt is harmful to the Animal and Human body.  The truth is we cannot live without Salt (Sodium Chloride).  The body makes Hydrochloric Acid from Salt, which is one of the essential digestive fluids.

All red blooded animals must have a continued supply of this most essential element to maintain a healthy vigorous body.  This has been proven over and over again through years of careful tests in varying circumstances and diets.  The results are always the same ; when salt is withheld, weakness and sickness follow.

Since Salt is necessary to maintain a healthy body, the question is Why are so many people with heart disease put on a salt restricted diet?  The problem with Salt is not the salt itself, but the condition of the salt we eat. 

About 50 years ago the major producing compinies in the US began to dry their salt in huge kilns.  The temperature reaches 1200 degrees Fahrenheit; this changes the chemical structure of the salt.  Very basic and fundamental changes have taken place and these changes affect the Animal and Human body adversely.  It was at this time that Heart disease, arthritis and other chemical diseases began to increase in this country at alarming rates.  Salt that has been heated, treated and had additives added may be harmful to th Body causing severe health problems.

Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and let it stand overnight.  If the salt collects on the bottom of the glass, it has been processed.  Natural Salt dissolves.  Our real salt still contains its Minerals besides salt and as such leaves a red to pink residue at the bottom of the glass.  These are Essential Minerals that the body needs and assimilates.

Natural Mineral salt is unheated and untreated.  The great purifier, Earth cured and purified the salt for thousands of years.  There is nothing to compete with a product that has a natural balance of minerals.  Real salt is harvested from tunnelled underground mines.

Our real salt comes from an ancient seabed that dried up thousands of years ago then buried beneath the earth protected and kept pure.  Each day our oceans are polluted with millions of tons of poisonous chemicals.  It is assuring to know that Real Salt does not contain these modern day pollutants from the sea.

The same salt we use is sold in Gourmet Food Shops and won the 2005 Best Taste Award from the American Culinary Institute.


25 Grams daily

12 Kg - $49.95                                                                          FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE
Price excludes gst

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