Surf to Turf Conditioning Oil.

20 Litres - $75
Price excludes gst

Surf to Turf Conditioning Oil allows working horses to run harder for longer periods, stops falls in blood glucose levels and delays the onset of fatigue.  It also allows you to provide large amounts of energy to those horses who are not eating well.

The Allicin Oil (Garlic) Component provides:

Garlic is known to contain at least 17 amino acids, 33 sulphur compounds, minerals, fiber, vitamins & trace elements along with the antibacterial properties of Allicin.

The reputation of garlic as a herb for healing goes back to the Egyptian times.  Both these old practices and modern research have shown garlic to be a highly antiseptic internal cleaner effective against bacteria which may be resistant to other antibiotics and has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria in the intestines without affecting the natural, beneficial organisims which aid digestion often affected by antibiotics.

Garlic has endless benefits but some include; reducing blood pressure, a preventative for viral infections, general protection, weight loss, promoting child bearing, guarding against coughs, viral infections and worm infestations.

The Nutrient Rich Agar (Seaweed) provides:

Seaweed provides a whole range of Vitamins essential for the efficient metabolism of the diet.

Seaweed also contains at least 20 minerals including Electrolytes, Sodium, Chlorine, Potassium, Magnesium all of which are vital for Water Uptake.

The Calcium present will help redress the Calcium Phosphrous imbalance often seen in concentrated diets.

The copper and Iron present will work together in the formation of red blood cells.


Horses & Cattle – 20-30 mls daily
Dogs, Cats & Small Animals – 3-10 mls Daily

20 Litres - $75
Price excludes gst

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