Stockmans Disinfectant Concentrate


*     Hospital Grade

*     NZFSA Approved C32

*     Disinfecting 1:80 parts Water

*     Sanitiser 1:20 parts Water

*     Antiseptic 1:20 parts Water

This Long Lasting Pleasant Smelling Disinfectant contains powerful germicides giving strong antibacterial activity against a wide range of common Pathogenic bacteria both Gram negative and Gram positive.

Stockmans Disinfectant controls and kills most organisms commonly transmitted in toilets and washrooms including those causing food poisoning, gastroenteritis, thrush, athletes foot, dysentery, diarrhea boils and caibuncles.

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Disinfectant Label: Cory Parish on Le Grande, August 8 2009, 1st Franklin Trotting Club 2100m at Counties Racing Club